October 2021

Pop up shop

We would like to work in the high street but good offices just do not seem to come up.

So we are looking for a pop up shop located in Bungay, Beccles, Halesworth or Diss.

Can you help us?

March 2020

Working from home

We have had an influx of customers asking if we can help employees from home. I dont think this is in response to the Coronavirus and the government saying more home working and therefore isolation would be helpful but simply that there is more call for it from our clinets.

Its much easier to work from home in 2020. We can set up work number phone systems on corded and mobile phones. With our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system a work phone can be plugged into a home router and used as if it was a work extension. We can achieve the same solution on mobile phones.

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February 2020

Fibre Optics

We are working on a fibre optics solution for a large site that doesnt have a landline telephone solution of its own. Recently we installed a 5 camera CCTV solution and 4G broadband at the site, however a fibre network connection that was previously in place could be reused to provide better bandwidth.

July 2019

Last updated 15th August 2019

Holiday Accommodation WiFi Installation


Did you know?

 We provide Unifi Mesh WI-FI Networks

A unifi mesh network is created by using multiple Unifi wireless repeaters placed in specific places to give wi-fi coverage to an area. These areas can range from a single "blind spot" in a building to covering an entire separate building that is not near the router.  These Unifi AP's are extremely reliable and easy to manage, as well as being extremely difficult for people to tamper with.


On the hottest day of the year we installed Wi-Fi into Low Farm Holiday Barns.

This installation is fibre to the premises providing very fast broadband for holiday makers.

We worked with the builders to install an underground cable and routed other cables around the buildings.

The router and network switch was installed into a locked box in a laundry room.

Power is suplied to new Unifi AP repeaters installed in each building via the network cables, meaning no power sockets are required for WiFi within the accommodation.

This also means the WiFi network is nearly tamper proof.

So, if you need a Computer or IT solution for your business in Norfolk or Suffolk, call us today and speak to one of our highly trained experts.

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"Red Dune Web Design are a top notch company and I would highly recommend them."

- Anne Becket-Allen, Rosedale Funeral Home

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