Computer need servicing?

Laptop or desktop computer running slow despite not being that old?

You may have a dust problem!

Due to the way modern computers are designed, high amounts of dust can cause your processor to "throttle" in an attempt to keep its temperature down. This can cause a wide variety of issues as processors will intentionally slow down and in some cases even shut off some of their cores. If this is unresolved, over a long period of time not only will it reduce the lifespan of the machine but can even develop into a fire risk if the dust clogs up the main vents for the power supply unit (see below).

Red Dune offers a 6 monthly clean up and service consisting of the following.

  • Computer/laptop stripped and dust cleaned from the inside.
  • Thermal paste reapplied (this paste is responsible for transferring heat from the processor to the heatsink, it perishes over time causing heat to be transferred less efficiently).
  • Drivers updated
  • Disk clean-up
  • Virus scanned

This usually only takes around 1-2 hours per machine.

In most cases, a computer situated on the floor will attract a lot more dust  than one on the desk and may result in it needing cleaned more regularly (especially those in business that deal with manufacturing products and salons). If this is the case with yours we would suggest you upgrade to a computer that sits on your desk.  Our new microcomputers do the job perfectly with a footprint of only 18cm x18 cm these computers can sit on your desk and take up no more space than the stand of most monitors. Please enquire today to talk to one of our specialists about upgrading.

So, if you need a Computer or IT solution for your business in Norfolk or Suffolk, call us today and speak to one of our highly trained experts.

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